You worked hard on your résumé, practiced interviewing with a friend, aced the interview, and now you received a job offer. Congratulations — or not? Why would you let all your hard work go for naught by turning down the company’s offer?

There are some valid reasons for not accepting every job offer presented to you. The answer truly depends on the individual situation. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the top reasons to decline a job offer.

A Poor Work-Life Balance

Since you did well on your interview, you probably researched the company beforehand. If their reputation reveals overworked and stressed-out employees as well as a high turnover rate, don’t be afraid to turn down their offer. The best companies offer a nurturing corporate culture and want their employees to enjoy their lives, knowing that gets reflected in their job performance.

A Weak Salary and Benefits Package

While money isn’t always the prime factor when choosing to work for a company, it does play a significant role in your final decision. If your financial situation dictates going after the highest possible salary, by all means decline any job offer that doesn’t pay what you feel you deserve. In a job market where companies compete for the top talent, chances are good some company that will offer you a better compensation package.

The Company’s Future Prospects look Bleak

When researching a company, pay close attention to their last five years of activity. Are things on a downward trend? Has there been any bad news about them in the press. If you answer “yes” to either question, consider not accepting an offer should you receive one.

Still go through the interview process, however, since it never hurts to practice this aspect of the hiring process.

Too Much Travel keeps you from your Family

In the oil industry, travel can be a requirement. So consider that fact before deciding to accept a position that keeps you from home for a long time. Thankfully, there are many good job opportunities in the Texas oil industry, so finding a great job keeping you close to home won’t be difficult.

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