Job interviews are becoming a two-way street, especially in an improving economy where the top industry talent can choose between multiple interesting and lucrative opportunities. When you are interviewing a candidate you think makes a great fit for your company, you need to sell them on what makes your firm a great place to work. Failure to do so may lead to that person deciding to work with one of your competitors.

Here are three tips for selling your open position when interviewing a leading candidate.

A Great Corporate Culture attracts the Best Workers

Take some time to sell the candidate on the corporate culture with your organization. Many great candidates — including those from the millennial generation — appreciate a company that fosters a good work/life balance. They want the opportunity to work hard and enjoy themselves each day at a work site or in the office.

If they researched your firm beforehand, they probably already have a good idea on the culture at your organization, and this could lead to a worthwhile discussion on the issue during the interview.

Emphasize the Interesting Project Work

Many employees in the oil industry get the opportunity to travel and work on interesting projects. Stress this option with your firm during the interview. The chance to experience state of the art technology is another great selling point that also needs to be mentioned.

Failure to keep your best workers engaged and interested in their work sometimes leads to difficulties in retention. This same principle applies when attempting to hire the best candidates.

A Robust Salary and Benefits Package are Always a Plus

Finally, don’t forget to draw attention to your organization’s salary and benefits package. In some respects, the latter point ties to your company culture, especially if you offer tuition reimbursement and encourage your employees to take advantage of the opportunity to further their education.

A compensation package shouldn’t be the focus of your selling points during an interview — especially compared to culture and project work — but it definitely deserves discussion.

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