Multiple aspects make up a rewarding career for most — your love for the work, fun coworkers, the salary and benefits package, traveling, and more. So when considering an important career choice, does it make sense to follow your heart or follow your mind? The ultimate answer varies for each individual and their specific situation.

The “sweet spot” for any professional involves a lucrative career doing something they absolutely love. Ultimately, financial considerations may dictate going after the highest salary even if that job entails a poor work-life balance. You’ll find career experts residing on both sides of the argument; let’s take a closer look.

If you can earn a Living doing It — Follow your Heart

The bottom line remains simple. If you are able to earn a reasonable living doing what you love, by all means — go for it! “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” is a quote attributed to Confucius, and it rings true for many professionals, provided they are able to earn a living and support a family.

Once again, your own situation dictates whether or not this is the wisest policy. A growing family, a new home, or an emergency medical situation may require a change in focus towards a more lucrative career option. If this happens, take steps to ensure you maintain a quality work-life balance to stave off job burnout.

Strive for a Meaningful Work-Life Balance

As noted, sometimes following your heart isn’t an option when it comes to a career choice. In many cases, life simply gets in the way. If this situation arises, try to find a company that pays well, values your efforts, and encourages you to enjoy a meaningful life outside the office.

A Career Coach can offer Helpful Advice

If you remain stumped about your career direction, find someone able to offer you advice and insight. An experienced, professional recruiter makes a great option as a career coach. It is an option worth considering no matter where you stand in your professional life.

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