Keeping your staff engaged and productive during the summer months can be a challenge for managers in any line of business, and the oil industry is no exception. Employees take vacation time; those still at work can become distracted, and your organization’s operational efficiency suffers as a result. A study by the Captivate Network reveals that workplace productivity drops 20 percent during the summer, with projects taking 13 percent longer to complete.

However, in today’s competitive business world, there’s no time for slacking off no matter how nice the weather is! Here are a few ideas for balancing productivity and fun during the summer holiday season.

Hold a Company Outing to blow off some Steam

A fun company event — held on the weekend to keep productivity high — lets your employees enjoy the summer sunshine (hopefully the weather cooperates!) without any adverse impact to your company’s daily operations. Consider an activity at a local amusement park and invite your employees’ families. A golf outing or a hiking trip works well for an employees-only activity, while also serving as a teambuilding exercise.

A Company Provided Lunch builds Good Will during the Summer

Providing lunch on the company dime one day a week during the summer — Fridays work great for this purpose — is another great teambuilding opportunity for your organization. Kill two birds with one stone by holding any company meetings during this time. It helps to keep everyone onsite and focused on their work all while enjoying some Texas barbecue in the hot sunshine.

Award Productivity Bonuses for Summer Work

Consider awarding bonuses for your most productive workers during the summer season. Be sure to clearly communicate what it takes to achieve the bonuses so employees are all on the same page. If a large project is currently progressing in the field during the summer, award bonuses to all your workers on the project team after it is successfully completed.

Once again, it is important to let you staff know beforehand about the potential summertime bonuses to boost overall productivity ahead of time.

If you need further advice on building a productive team — no matter the season — talk to the knowledgeable staff at Global Personnel. As one of the top staffing agencies in the Texas oil industry, we offer the business insight and vetted candidates able to make a positive difference for your firm. Meet with us at your earliest convenience.

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