Congratulations on your recent Graduation Day!

Whether you earned a college degree, a high school diploma, or even a GED, now your efforts need to focus on finding a great job. A top notch résumé and cover letter help you to get noticed by hiring managers, but the interview truly gives you the best chance at scoring a coveted job offer.

Interviewing Tips for Recent Graduates

Review the Contents of your Résumé

Spend some time before the interview reviewing your résumé. If you don’t boast a lot of work experience, focus on what you’ve learned in school as well as any internships. Expect the interviewer to ask many pointed questions about what’s detailed on your résumé, so this information needs to be clear in your mind so you can answer quickly and confidently.

Research the Company and their Open Position

Make it a point to thoroughly research the company with which you are interviewing. Asking meaningful questions of the interviewer — especially those showing you know your stuff about the company and the job opening — shows off your research and the extra effort. It also helps to turn the interview into more of a person-to-person discussion instead of an interrogation.

Practice the Interview Beforehand

Don’t forget to practice the interview before the big day. Get a friend to help out — if they’ve gone through interviews in the past, their experience will definitely help. Prepare a list of common interview questions for the practice interviewer to use, but encourage them to surprise you with some unexpected questions to better simulate the real thing.

Dress for Success on Interview Day

Even if the open position has a casual dress code, you need to dress professionally for the interview. Remember, you are making a first impression that plays a large role in the interviewer’s perception of you. Additionally, ensure your grooming is exemplary — spend extra time in preparation before heading over to the interview site.

Following these tips gives you a great chance at getting a follow-up interview and hopefully a job offer.

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