The hiring process remains costly for many companies. It takes significant corporate resources determining needs, advertising an open position, perusing résumés, interviewing the best candidates, and finally deciding on the best candidate. In short, you need to make the right decision, since the wrong hire adversely affects your firm in a myriad of ways.

They fly in the ointment is the fact that some candidates are great interviewers, but not necessarily great workers. Here are a few ideas on how to tell the difference before the final decision gets made.

Tangible Professional Experience is Required

Pay close attention to the work experience section of a candidate’s résumé. Is there an overreliance on the latest buzzwords and not enough tangible experience? Be sure to explore this area in detail when interviewing while observing whether or not a candidate’s story seems believable when explaining how they made a positive difference for their previous employers.

This is a situation where the actual substance in their work history is more important than a candidate’s ability to speak.

Verify a Candidate’s Professional Network

If a candidate is active networking in the Texas oil industry, this gives you a great opportunity to verify their professional abilities. Check out if they’ve ever published any work on LinkedIn or other websites as it offers insight into their understanding of the industry.

Additionally, leverage any of your contacts to see if they know the person in question and are able to vouch for their skills and competence. This may provide a less biased look at the person compared to their own references.

Don’t Forget to Check their References

Nonetheless, a candidate’s professional references allow you to get a better feel for how they’ll perform on the job than simply their interviewing skills. Make the effort to follow up with every reference they provide with the caveat that these are the persons with whom the candidate wants you to speak, and as such may be biased in their favor.

Combine their references with any insight from your professional network to get a clear idea before making a final hiring decision.

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