If you are interested in relocating to Texas to take advantage of the state’s robust job market, now you have another great reason. The Dallas-Fort Worth metro area recently earned a ranking of 14 on Glassdoor’s new study — The 25 Best Cities for Jobs in 2015. If you haven’t heard of Glassdoor, it is a website allowing employees to anonymously rate their current and previous employers.

The data provided by employees — and in some cases their bosses — offers a unique insight as to what areas are great for jobs. The Glassdoor study weighs three factors equally: the availability of hiring opportunities, an area’s cost of living index, and the job satisfaction rating of employees currently working there. Let’s take a closer look at the study to see why the Dallas-Fort Worth region is great for jobs.

Texas is a Great Place to Work and Live

The entire Lone Star State remains a great location to find a job and build a life. In addition to Dallas/Fort Worth’s 14th spot on the Glassdoor study, Austin ranked 4th; San Antonio ranked 9th, and Houston ranked 21st. The Dallas area offers a great supply of jobs in the oil and gas industry, so if that is your field of interest, the region warrants further exploration.

Other useful information about Dallas-Fort Worth noted by the Glassdoor study included 102,311 current job openings and a median base salary of $50,000 per year. Homeowners in the area enjoy a median home value of $157,900. The region’s overall job satisfaction rating scored 3.2 on a five-point scale.

Dallas Oil Industry Jobs Remain Plentiful

Plentiful well-paying jobs combined with affordable home prices mean Dallas and Fort Worth need to be on your list of places worthy of relocation, especially if you work in the oil industry. Explore the local company listings on Glassdoor to get a better feel for what are best places to work in the area.

A partnership with a staffing agency focused on the oil and gas industry is another smart call when looking to move to the region for work. As one of the top employment firms in the Texas oil industry, Global Personnel makes a great partner for your career, with insight into to the best companies in the region currently hiring. Make it a point to contact us when looking for top notch jobs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area or the entire Lone Star State.

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