The struggle to find the top talent — and retain their services — remains fierce in many industries, and the world of oil and gas is no different. Companies are forced to spend resources engaged in an expensive hiring process only to see their top candidates choose to work with one of their competitors. Additionally, once the best employees gain enough experience, they command a higher salary and more responsibility, and may look elsewhere.

So what are some strategies for finding top talent before they become rock stars? Let’s take a closer look.

Intern Programs are Great for finding Future All-Stars

Your company needs to consider an internship program with colleges local to your area. This is a great way to offer local university talent a proverbial tryout to see if their current abilities hint at the potential to become a top notch employee. Try to offer internships to students right before their graduation, since your chances at hiring them are probably better compared to a younger student that may intern at another company or two later in their schooling.

Take Part in a Job Fair at a Local College

Once again, finding eager and talented college students ready to enter the business world offers your organization a great chance at talented workers early in their career. Consider taking part in a job fair at a local college, or host one yourself. This provides access to a host of potential candidates ready to enter the business world.

Partner with a Top Notch Local Staffing Agency

Ultimately, a partnership with a local staffing agency might make the most sense for hiring top notch emerging talent. The best employment agencies maintain a list of quality candidates, and some of them are open to working on either a temporary or permanent basis. The former gives your firm the chance to try out an employee before offering them a permanent position.

Global Personnel is just that kind of top notch staffing agency. As one of the top employment firms in the West Texas oil industry, we offer both the business insight and vetted candidates to help ensure your company’s success. Schedule a meeting with us at your earliest convenience.

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