The summer season offers you a great opportunity for taking stock of your company’s overall efficiency. If you catch yourself thinking that your employees operate like everyone is on a different page, maybe some teambuilding exercises are in order? The good weather during the summertime provides many opportunities to bring your staff closer, so don’t let these months go to waste.

3 Team Building Activities During the Summer Months

Playing Together helps your Team Work Together

Take advantage of summer’s good weather to hold a company retreat that involves various teambuilding exercises. It is important that everyone focuses on a common goal when at work, so leverage this retreat as an opportunity for competitive games that emphasize teamwork. Get a feel for the overall fitness level of your staff before committing to any strenuous activities — a company retreat isn’t a good place for any workplace-related injuries.

Hold a Company Outing and invite your Staff’s Families

A company outing at a local amusement park or picnic site with the families of your staff helps build friendship among your workers. This is also a great first step to foster additional teamwork at the office. Chances are good your employees will feel more empathy towards their coworkers once they meet their families outside of the workplace.

Throughout the summer, be sure to take advantage of any opportunities for golf outings or other sporting events to help your staff relieve some stress, while also becoming closer as a team.

Look outside the Oil and Gas Industry for Team Building Advice

Other business sectors offer proven strategies for office team building. The Information Technology world offers project methodologies like Agile and DevOps which focus on collaborative efforts that thrive on teamwork. Consider reading a book or two on Agile to see how easily these techniques translate to the oil industry.

If your company is interested in growing a winning team at your office, talk to the experts at Global Personnel. As one of the top staffing agencies in the Texas oil industry, we can help ensure your firm’s ultimate success. Schedule a time to meet with us at your earliest convenience.

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