As companies try to make their hiring process more efficient, you may be subjected to a group interview where multiple candidates are interviewed simultaneously. Your potential new employer saves some time, and also gets a chance to see how candidates interact with each other during a stressful situation. That latter reason offers a chance to see how you perform under pressure — just like when you are actually on the job.

4 Tips to Help You Stand Out From the Crowd in a Group Interview

Introduce yourself to the Other Candidates

Before the interview begins, take the time to introduce yourself to the other interviewees. This helps take the edge off of any nervousness and may give you the chance to better “work” with the other candidates throughout the interview itself. Remain friendly and personable with the interviewees and those actually conducting the interview.

Make sure to speak up in a Clear and Confident Manner

It’s obviously important to be noticed during a group interview. You need to take advantage of every chance to speak out. When talking during an interview, be sure to clearly annunciate your words and speak confidently.

Support and interact with your Fellow Interviewees

Showing you work well within a team is one of the main reasons companies use group interviews. Be sure to interact with the other interviewees in a positive manner. Assert your own points as required, but make sure to also support and agree with the other candidates using a natural and unforced speaking style.

Take Every Chance to show your Leadership Skills

Following that last tip by interacting with the other candidates also gives you the chance to show off some leadership skills. This is especially useful if the company engages you and your fellow candidates in a scenario-based group activity. Remember, the interviewers are paying close attention to those candidates that thrive during a stressful, essentially team-based process.

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