Not surprisingly, the interview remains the most vital part of the job search process. Even with a great résumé — complimented by a cover letter that supports its contents — if you fail during the job interview, your chances at a second interview, let alone a job offer, remain bleak. While it is important to answer obvious interview questions — your previous work experience, educational background, etc. — in a confident manner, the more difficult questions tend to trouble many interviewers.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the best ways to deal with the curve balls thrown your way during a job interview.

The Right Preparation helps you to answer Any Interview Questions

Before the interview, be sure to spend significant time reviewing everything on your résumé — namely your work and educational history — as well as researching the company with which you are interviewing. This helps to make sure that the information is fresh in your mind so you won’t stumble when answering any questions during the interview.

Answer Tough Questions Honestly, Clearly, and Confidently

When presented with a tough interview question, it is important to answer clearly and confidently while making natural eye contact with the interviewer. This is one of the reasons why the interview preparation mentioned earlier is so important for your overall performance. Additionally, make sure you are always honest, as some interviewers are able to tell when you are embellishing facts.

Use Questions about any Weaknesses as an Opportunity

“Tell me about your greatest weakness” is a standard “difficult” interview question, and answering it gives you a great chance to show how you are able to grow as a professional. Mention how you use self-analysis to identify your weaknesses while developing a plan to correct them moving forward. Companies are always trying to improve their operational efficiency, and would love to hire a candidate with a similar outlook about their own personal abilities.

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