Did the person who invented the Monday morning meeting regularly enjoy a quiet and peaceful weekend?

These standard business meetings are traditionally difficult for many workers still trying to recover from the events of the previous weekend. Making sure your staff pays close attention during the week’s first meeting can be a challenge.

With that in mind, here are a few tips for making those dreaded Monday morning meetings a more productive exercise for all.

Schedule the Monday Morning Meeting Later in the Day

Consider scheduling that proverbial Monday meeting later on during the day. This gives your employees a chance to deal with any issues that cropped up over the weekend, and perhaps they’ll spend some more time preparing for the meeting. Even consider holding the meeting over a company-provided lunch for an added bump in employee morale.

Encourage Everyone — including yourself — to prepare for the Meeting Beforehand

Make sure everyone, management included, makes the effort to prepare for the meeting ahead of time. Scheduling the meeting later in the day, as mentioned earlier, helps gives employees the extra preparation time, but this can also be accomplished Friday before leaving for the day or even later on Sunday night. The right prep work leads to a more organized and productive meeting for everyone.

Publish the Meeting Agenda ahead of Time

Publishing the agenda for Monday’s meeting ahead of time, preferably during the day on Friday, gives everyone a head start on the expectations for the meeting. This way they are able to engage in preparation knowing what deliverables or other materials are needed from them. Once again, better preparation leads to a more productive meeting.

If actually abolishing the Monday morning meeting isn’t an option at your company, hopefully these few tips help to make this tradition of the business world a bit more productive for your fellow management team and your staff.

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