“Perfect is the enemy of good” is a common saying from the 1700s, and it also relates to many organizations’ hiring process in these modern times. Is your company finding it difficult to fully staff your office? Maybe it’s because you are passing over qualified candidates in the hope of finding that perfect new employee?

If this situation sounds like things in your HR department, let’s take a look at a few ways to not let perfectionism adversely affect your company’s hiring process.

Rate Candidates on a Scale and Hire the One who rates the Highest

During the hiring process, make it a point to rate each candidate on a scale of 1 to 10 with maybe a decimal point to include additional detail to the ratings. After all the résumés are vetted and the interviews are conducted are you going to forego hiring anyone if nobody scored 10 out of 10? It is important to hire the best candidate, whether or not they are also the perfect candidate.

Remember that the hiring process costs your organization time and resources. Wasting all that effort without actually hiring anyone doesn’t make much sense for your company’s efficiency over the long haul.

Determine your Organization’s “Must Haves” and “Nice to Haves”

When rating candidates, it is important to delineate between the skills a new employee must have versus those attributes that are nice to have. If a candidate isn’t experienced in a certain software application used everyday at your office, bringing them in for an interview simply wastes time and resources. Ensure any job ads for this position clearly describes what skills are required to prevent your HR staff from parsing through the résumés of unqualified candidates.

Ultimately, enhancing your company’s hiring process by emphasizing the rating of candidates helps to give your HR team a clearer view of who will make a difference for your firm. This helps you to hire the right candidate, not necessarily the perfect candidate.

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