Congratulations are in order for earning an interview at the hot new company in your area. A great résumé and personalized cover letter helped put your foot in the door, and now is the time to get a job offer with an exemplary interview performance. This is no time for slacking off, as you are competing with a few other top candidates.

You need to show passion and a real interest in the position to give yourself a great shot at an offer. So let’s look at some ways to let the interviewer know that you are the person for the job.

Research the Company with which you are Interviewing

It is absolutely vital that you thoroughly research the company with which you are interviewing. This remains a perfect way to show your interest in working with them. Asking meaningful questions about their current project work, future prospects and competition allows you to show off your research as well as the business acumen you’ll need to be a success.

Speak Clearly and Confidently

When engaging with the interviewer, make sure to speak clearly and confidently. Review your résumé before the interview, as you can expect questions about your skill set and professional history. Having this information fresh in your mind helps you to easily answer without fumbling over your words.

Non-verbal Communication is Important

Leverage non-verbal communication techniques to show your interest in the open position. Make sure you maintain natural eye contact with the interviewer throughout, but don’t stare. A firm handshake during the introduction, as well as positive body language and hand gestures when speaking are also great methods for displaying a professional, confident demeanor.

Following these simple tips during an interview helps to display your real passion for the open position without coming off too strong or artificial.

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