Checking through résumés and interviewing the most compelling candidates are obviously vital parts of the hiring process, but it remains equally important to perform background checks on any potential employee before a job offer gets extended. Skipping this part of the process puts your company at risk.

You don’t want the specter of employee theft or liability issues to hamper your firm’s bottom line. Here are a few reasons why background checks are a must for any new employee.

If the Position requires managing Money consider a Credit Check

Consider the scenario where your company needs a new staff accountant. That position requires managing your business’s financial records; dealing with employee payroll records, and handling petty cash and check writing. Foregoing a background check — and a credit check as well — on each person interviewing for this position is a great risk.

What if a candidate for this position was convicted of embezzling funds from a previous employer? Additionally, a credit check might reveal their defaulting on loans or credit cards. Neither is something you want in an accountant’s history. The bottom line is to not skimp on credit checks for any employee with the responsibility over any financial aspects of your company.

Criminal Background Checks are a Necessary Cost

While skipping background checks allows your company to save some money, they are truly a necessary cost of doing business. Can a childcare company risk hiring someone with a violent criminal history as a bus driver? This is a case where saving a little money now can cost your company a lot more in resources and reputation in the future.

Consider working with a Trusted Staffing Agency

A partnership with a trusted employment agency boasting a robust supply of vetted candidates is a great choice to ensure hiring someone with a clean background. They help ensure your company ultimately makes the right hiring decision.

Global Personnel makes for a great choice as an employment agency. As one of the top staffing agencies in the Texas oil industry, we can help your company achieve its goals through the smart hiring of quality candidates. Make it a point to meet with us as soon as possible.

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