Optimizing your organization’s hiring efforts plays a large role in determining your firm’s overall operational efficiency, and ultimately its profitability. Making the wrong hire at the wrong time might end up costing the extra resources spent on training and HR, not to mention any wasted salary and benefits. This point also applies to choosing the right time to onboard seasonal help.

With those thoughts in mind, here are a few tips on hiring seasonal employees at the right time.

Don’t wait until the Holidays are in Full Force

With a majority of companies staffing up during the holiday season, it isn’t wise to wait until the week before Thanksgiving to begin your hiring process. The competition for the best seasonal talent will be fierce. Plan ahead and make sure to execute your hiring plan before the crunch arrives and the best workers are employed with your competition.

These same concepts apply if your company’s peak seasonal time is during the summer, or any other time during the year. Make your plans early and implement them before your competition — preferably in April or May for the summertime period — since their busy season is probably the same as your organization’s.

College-age Workers are Great for Seasonal Help

Leverage any local colleges as a source for seasonal workers. Potential candidates in college may be staying local during the summer or over winter break, providing your firm with a hearty supply of enthusiastic workers able to contribute to your company’s success. You may even find a few that would make great permanent employees upon graduation.

A regular connection with the colleges in your area provides you a good source of workers throughout the year.

Don’t forget your Local Staffing Agency Partner

A partnership with a staffing agency in your area makes perfect sense when looking for seasonal employees at any time during the year. Remember that employing seasonal workers also serves nicely as an audition for permanent position with your company. It is a great way to see how candidates work under the pressure of the busy season.

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