When first embarking on a job search, a top notch résumé needs to be the most important part of your arsenal. Considering that hiring managers probably deal with hundreds of résumés for any open position, expect that they only take a minute or two to give your candidacy a quick analysis.

Because of this cold, hard fact, it is important to craft a résumé that lets you stand out from the pack. With that in mind, here are a few tips for writing a winning résumé.

Bullet Point your Skills and Abilities

Your résumé needs to contain a section that lists your skills and abilities as keywords using bullet points. Make sure to list any software applications with which you are familiar. This makes it easier for a hiring manager to see at a glance if your skill set makes a good fit for their company.

The Professional Experience Section needs to focus on Tangible Achievements

When detailing your work history, be sure to emphasize the tangible differences you made for your previous employers. If you saved the company some significant money with your brilliant idea on a project, don’t be shy about listing the amount. If your idea on improving a process made your coworkers more productive, state that fact clearly.

Tailor your Résumé for the Open Position in Question

While it is a good idea to personalize each cover letter for an open position, doing the same thing to your résumé gives you a greater chance of getting noticed by a hiring manager. Research the requirements of the position in question, and make sure the skills reflected on your CV matches what that company wants in an employee.

Many HR staff leverage keyword searches when looking for potential new employees, giving you another good reason to personalize your résumé for each open position that holds your interest.

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