So you recently saw the perfect position on an online job site. The problem lies in the fact that one of the job’s required skills isn’t currently in your toolbox. This is frustrating because you know you’d be a perfect fit for the company in question.

What should you do? Does it makes sense to still apply for this job, or do you think you’ll only be wasting your time? Ultimately, the final answer probably lies within yourself.

Do you have Most of the Other Required Skills?

Compare your résumé with the other requirements of this position. If you are experienced with at least 80 to 85 percent of the other listed skills, it won’t hurt to take a chance and apply for the position. The worst case scenario is that your candidacy ends up in the virtual recycling bin.

Make the effort to learn the skill in question and mention this fact on the cover letter while emphasizing the rest of your skill set — including the ability to learn new things quickly! Depending on how many other candidates there are for the open position, you may get called in for a face to face interview.

A Personalized Cover Letter is Must

This is exactly the kind of scenario that makes personalized cover letters a key part of any winning job search. You can take the opportunity to highlight your entire skill set, including any related abilities close to the required skill in question. Be sure to also take some time describing your plan to learn that missing ability.

Making this extra effort gives you a good chance of making a hiring manager realize you would be a good choice for their organization — despite the lack of a required skill. In a job search, it never hurts to give it a shot!

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