Keeping the team at your office running smoothly and productively plays a large role in your company’s overall success. A sense of teamwork and camaraderie within your staff helps to separate the best organizations from those merely treading water. With that said, it is important not to let malcontented employees adversely affect what you’ve built.

After finding out the cause of the employee’s unhappiness, here are a few strategies for dealing with those kinds of workers before they impact your firm’s overall efficiency.

Rotate Employees within your own Organization

Depending on the size of your company, simply transferring an employee to another department within your organization is a great way to rid yourself of a problem without wasting the resources spent training that disgruntled worker. Of course, this depends on the abilities of said employee as well as the availability of open positions elsewhere at your office.

Find out if the employee is only unhappy with his current role or maybe some of the other members on their term. If the issue is ultimately a personality conflict, moving them to another department allows your firm to retain the knowledge of that worker and hopefully improve their professional disposition.

Termination should only be a Last Resort

You need to do whatever you can to avoid terminating any unhappy member on your staff. If transferring them somewhere else in your organization isn’t possible, consider adding additional duties to their task list to give them a sense of professional worth, while allowing them some solitary time to perform their new role. While this seems counterintuitive, in many cases a disgruntled worker just wants a chance to shine.

Ultimately, finding the root reason for their unhappiness will steer you towards making the right decision for both your employee and your company as a whole.


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