No matter a candidate’s technical abilities or work experience, sometimes their cultural fit within your organization plays the most significant role in determining their overall success as an employee. Someone who works hard and wants to be part of the team may make a bigger difference than a good worker who follows their own path.

Cultural fit is an attribute that can be difficult to ascertain during an interview. Here are a few tips to find an employee that’s a great fit for your company.

Defining your Company Culture is a Good First Step

Before searching for an employee that makes a good fit with your organization, it’s a smart idea to have your managerial and HR teams define your company culture if you don’t already have it in print. Any job ads need to reflect this corporate culture, as potential candidates in many cases will forego applying for a position at a firm they feel makes a poor cultural fit.

Additionally, the portion of your company’s website dedicated to potential employees needs to illustrate what it’s like to work at your firm. Candidates need to understand your culture before they interview.

Tailoring Interview Questions to determine a Candidate’s Cultural Fit

Thankfully, there are a few good questions to help determine whether or not a candidate makes a good fit at your office. Ask them to describe their perfect working environment. Find out what were their favorite and least favorite attributes of the managers at their previous employers.

Finally, ask them about their impressions of your own company’s culture from what they’ve been able to determine from the job ad, the company website, or anything they’ve heard in their professional network. These questions should give you a good idea about the candidate’s cultural fit.

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