So the hiring manager saw your résumé and is interested, and now you have a phone interview scheduled. While interviewing over a telephone is probably less stressful than either in-person or video interviews, that doesn’t mean you can slack off on preparation. Depending on the type of the interview — it might even be technical in nature — you’ll need to be ready to go when your phone rings.

With that in mind, here are four tips for surviving a phone interview.

Review your Résumé and Work Experience in Detail

Expect to be asked to detail everything on your résumé, from your educational choices, technical abilities, and work experience, to the reasons that you’ve left previous positions. All this information needs to be at the tip of your tongue so you don’t suffer any awkward pauses during the interview.

Create a “Cheat Sheet” of Notes for Quick Reference

To help facilitate your interview prep, create a cheat sheet detailing the points you want to cover during the interview. The results of your review in step 1 should be clearly readable on your cheat sheet. Once again, this helps prevent you stumbling over your thoughts when actually on the interview.

Research the Company so you can ask Meaningful Questions of the Interviewer

Spend some time researching the company with which you are interviewing. This helps you to understand their business sector and operations, while providing you with the meaningful insight to ask some great questions when called upon.

Consider Standing during the Interview

Standing during a phone interview helps you to speak more clearly, while giving you more space to lay out your cheat sheets for quick review. Be sure not to walk around too much, as that might be heard over the phone. Following these four simple tips will help make your phone interview a success.

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