As 2014 is almost finished, it is now time to take stock of the best posts from this year. With the economy continuing to improve, hopefully it was a good time for your own job prospects and career growth. So without any further delay, here are 2014’s top posts for those looking for a new position or looking to grow their career.

How to follow up after an Interview without being a Pest

The interview process is a stressful one for the job hunter. Not knowing how you performed or whether or not you will be getting a callback for a second interview — or better yet — an actual job offer, makes it difficult not to send follow up emails every day until you hear that good news. This post takes a look at the best strategies for a post-interview follow up, as being perceived as a pest might ruin your chances at earning a new position.


Transferable Skills are of Growing Importance to the Gas Industry

The Texas oil and gas industry continues to thrive as we prepare to enter 2015. There are many opportunities for gainful employment in the oil industry, but it is important to have a wide range of transferable skills; this is also helpful if you are moving into oil and gas from a different line of work. This article looks at the variety of skills from other industries that easily translate into the gas industry.


Boost your Résumé by including your Volunteering Experience

Employers like well-rounded workers with a wide range of interests, including those in charitable work. When it comes down to deciding between two equal candidates with similar educational backgrounds and work experience, the person with volunteer experience stands a great shot of getting that job offer. This article looks at making your volunteer work a relevant part of your overall job candidacy.


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