With New Years Day 2015 right around the corner, it is a great time to stock of 2014’s top three posts from the HR side of the business. It has been a generally rewarding year of economic recovery, especially in Texas and the surrounding area. So without further adieu, let’s take a look at the best posts of 2014.

Four Uncommon Interview Questions gauge a Candidate’s True Personality

Making a hiring mistake is a near-disaster for any company when you consider the costs incurred when on-boarding new employees. This article takes a look at some uncommon interview questions that help gain insight into a candidate’s true personality. Understanding a candidate beyond just their abilities and experience helps to determine whether or not they will make a positive cultural fit at your organization.

Eleven Ways to Motivate your Employees as Summer Heats Up

The halcyon days of summer along with the Holiday season are two times during the year when it becomes difficult to motivate your employees. Maintaining a consistent level of operational efficiency is one of the hallmarks of the successful organization. An article providing a cornucopia of eleven different techniques for summertime employee motivation makes for a good, useful read at any time of the year.

Hiring Employees to Minimize the Skills Gap in the Oil Industry

Suffering from an employee skills gap makes it easy for companies to get left behind in the oil and gas industry. The strategic hiring of top rank talent on either a permanent or temporary basis definitely helps close this gap. Here’s an article offering some strategies on how to reduce a skills gap at your organization.

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