With the Holiday season well in progress, it becomes time to take stock of your organization’s yearly goals, as well as any more granular monthly and quarterly goals. It is vital you engage your staff during December to keep them focused on finishing the year with a bang.

While the Holidays are a time for good cheer and celebration, keep any distractions out of the office with the notable exception of your own company party. Consider scheduling a party at an offsite location, during non-business hours. Let’s take a further look at some strategies to keep your company focused on annual goals during the Holidays.

Make Sure to Reward your Staff for Achieving the Company Goals

You probably earn a bonus based on achieving or surpassing your annual goals. Your staff also needs to have a vested interest in the success of your organization, so make sure your company’s compensation plan allows for bonuses for your workers. When it comes time for burning the midnight oil in December, having an inspired staff all working towards the same goal helps greatly.

Share Company Status Regularly throughout the Year and during December

If you expect your employees to make the extra effort to achieve your company’s yearly goals, it pays to keep them informed throughout the year. Make it a point to share your organization’s status throughout the year, and especially during the Holiday season. Use an easy to follow reporting system to help keep everyone on the same page.

Set Realistic Goals and don’t slack off during the Rest of the Year

Of course, having a set of realistic goals in the first place helps ensure that they are met come December 31st. Making a set of monthly or quarterly goals is another good idea to keep your staff performing at a consistent level throughout the year. A collection of smaller bonuses awarded after every month or quarter adds inspiration as well!

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