2015 is barely a few weeks away, and the New Year remains a perfect time to take stock of your career. Are you doing everything possible to improve your career development prospects? Successfully nurturing a career is almost like a part-time job on top of your regular full-time employment!

With that in mind, here are a few good ideas to supercharge your career as 2014 turns into 2015.

Continuing Education is a Must for your Career

Most rewarding careers thrive on a steady diet of continuing education. If you earned your Bachelors degree in college, don’t assume your education is complete. Explore acquiring an advanced degree, especially if you hope to move into management someday.

Don’t fret if you only have a diploma. Earning an Associates or Bachelors in a program related to your current position puts you on the fast track to advancement. If your employer offers tuition reimbursement, then you have little excuse for not improving your career prospects through continuing education.

Make the Effort to understand how your Business Operates

Companies like to see employees that make the extra effort to improve their education, and make the extra effort to understand how the company’s business operates. Being able to make intelligent suggestions on improving operational efficiency is a great way to get noticed at work. Offering some keen insight on the competition in the local area is another plus.

Become well-versed in Technology

No matter how your business uses technology — even if you are part of your company’s IT staff — understanding how the changing tech world helps your business does wonders for your career. You don’t have to understand mobile programming languages, but becoming an expert in business software, like the Microsoft Office suite for instance, both helps your company, your co-workers, and your career prospects.

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