Getting laid off or even fired probably isn’t the best news you’ll ever receive, but it doesn’t mean the sun won’t rise tomorrow. Even in this tough economy after the Great Recession, a little focus will have you employed again in no time. The most important thing is to remain positive and understand that your new full time job is getting gainful employment!


Next Steps to Take After Being Let Go from Your Job


Creating a Plan of Action is a Must

The first thing you should do is think like a project manager. Create an ordered task list of everything you need to do each day of your unemployment and follow it. Remember — finding a job is your new full time job!

Update your Résumé

Updating your résumé is an obvious task to complete immediately after being let go. Make sure you focus on your tangible accomplishments when documenting your previous position. Hiring managers want to see how you’ll benefit their organization’s efficiency and bottom line.

Contact your Recruiter

A partnership with a top notch recruiter in your area remains the best way to mitigate any emotional or financial damage from unemployment. Let them know your current status and schedule a face-to-face meeting so they can vet your updated résumé and give you the current job outlook in your local market.

File for Unemployment, if you Qualify

If you qualify for unemployment, be sure to file quickly. Remember that you pay into unemployment insurance, so make sure to get what is rightfully yours. The extra cash will help things until you are newly employed.

Verify your Health Insurance

If you were on your employer’s health insurance, check into getting COBRA for the period in between jobs. While it is expensive, it provides an extra piece of mind should any unforeseen accidents happen.

Item 3 on this list is especially vital. Make sure you maintain a relationship with a local recruiter. Global Personnel is a top notch staffing agency in the West Texas oil industry with the recruiters on hand to ensure your job search is a short one. Schedule a meeting with us today — even if you are still employed!

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