A rewarding career is a lifelong journey for most, filled with twists, turns, and hopefully an upward trajectory. It is a journey you needn’t make all by yourself, though. Accepting input and advice from others is a key factor in your ultimate professional success.

Working with a career mentor offers you a great way to ensure your professional outlook stays on a positive track. It’s great to have someone with whom to share ideas. After all, while a career is essentially a solitary journey, it’s not something you have to go about completely alone.

Here are 3 Ways a Career Mentor
Can Help You in the Long Run


Keeping you on Top of the Latest Technology related to your Profession

Your ultimate career prospects depend on you not getting left behind when it comes to the technology in use at your job. A skills gap at this point can be fatal to your current position! A career mentor with the proper insight helps to keep you informed on what technology trends allow you to become an expert at work.

Offers the Right Kind of Business Insight about your Company’s Sector

A smart career mentor understands the current market in which your company operates. They are attuned to any changes that might offer a better opportunity for you with another organization. They might even know about potential layoffs before you and your co-workers find out.

Someone Aware of Great Jobs Currently Available in Your Location

If you need to quickly find a new position, your career mentor will be aware of who’s hiring in your city. You would be able to get a great new job more quickly than going about things by yourself.

In short, finding a career mentor working as a recruiter for a top staffing agency in your region is the smart call for your job prospects — both now and in the future.

As one of the top staffing agencies in the Western Texas oil and gas industry, Global Personnel can pair you up with a career mentor sure to put your job prospects in overdrive. Make it a point to schedule a meeting with us today!

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