While a candidate’s skill set is an important part of your final hiring decision, it is only part of the equation. How someone fits into your company’s culture may play a bigger role in their subsequent success as an employee. It is vital that you earmark some interview questions to gauge their personality traits.

It can’t be overstated that making the wrong hiring decision adversely impacts your company’s operational efficiency and ultimately its bottom line. Here are some additional reasons to pay close attention to a candidate’s personality and cultural fit in addition to their experience and skill set.

Remember that Skills can be taught more easily than Personality

If you are interviewing someone with a great personality that seems like a perfect fit for your organization, you shouldn’t necessarily be dissuaded by their lack of skills or relevant experience. It is important to remember that a skills gap can be closed through an effective training program or simply by acquiring valuable experience on the job.

A robust training program and a smooth operating team can easily handle bringing a new employee up to speed, provided that new hire fits in well with your current staff. Building a nurturing corporate culture goes a long way in determining your organization’s future success.

An Candidate with an Exemplary Skill Set isn’t always a Good Fit

The converse of the skills vs. personality equation also rings true. Someone can join your organization with top notch skills and experience and simply fail because their arrogance or other personality issues make a poor fit with your current team. Nobody wants to work with anyone with a chip on their shoulder or who feels they are superior to the rest of their co-workers.

Remember, while a candidate’s skill set and experience are important; make sure to check into their personality during the interview. There is no substitute for strong teamwork and a positive company culture.

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