Sometimes using stock interview questions prying into a candidate’s work history or educational background doesn’t offer the insight needed to truly find out about their personality. Even standard “soft” questions about their favorite hobbies or interests don’t always do the trick. Let’s take a look at five uncommon interview questions with the potential to help your company make the right hiring decision.

If you can be any character in a novel, who would you be?

This is an open-ended question, but it has the potential to offer awareness into multiple areas of the candidate’s personality. If they choose a hero from a science fiction novel, that might hint at a candidate with the strong technical problem solving skills that would be an asset for most companies.

If you had six months with no financial obligations, what would do with that time?

A question such as this one tries to gauge the person beyond their salary or other financial considerations. It works well by getting into the details of a candidate’s personality with potentially more insight than a standard question about their hobbies or interests.

If you could be the #1 employee but have all your coworkers dislike you or you could be the #15 employee and have all your coworkers like you, which would you choose?

Possibly useful for gauging how well a candidate values working as part of a team, this question also offers an appreciation into their potential drive and ambition.

How many different ways can you get water from a lake at the foot of a mountain, up to the top of the mountain?

The ultimate unusual question, it provides an interesting look into a candidate’s ability to think on the fly while under the pressure of an interview. It also explores outside-the-box thinking.

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