With the graduation season upon us and a fresh degree hot in your hands, now the real effort begins. It is time to put that education to work and find yourself a rewarding job. Despite the Great Recession and its slow recovery, there are a variety of available positions worthy of note in many industries.

With that in mind, let’s go over a few tips to ensure your job search is a rewarding one.

Author a Robust, Compelling Résumé
Putting together a great résumé should be one of your first tasks after graduation — if you didn’t already create one to get an internship. Make sure to stress any technologies you’ve learned in college that are a good bet to be used in your career. Internships and other relevant work experience also need emphasized, with a focus on your tangible achievements and accomplishments.

Have a friend or two — hopefully someone with grammar skills — proofread the résumé for typos and readability. This is an important step as any errors on your résumé are its ticket to the proverbial circular file.

Create a Professional Social Networking Presence
Now would be a good time to setup a profile on LinkedIn — the preeminent social network for professionals. Treat your LinkedIn profile essentially like a digital version of your résumé; be sure to use good grammar and detail the same information on the paper version.

Take the time to vet your accounts on any other social networks, like Facebook. While that photo of you with the beer bong at the frat party was fun at the time, it probably isn’t the right impression to give to a prospective employer — they will find that photo, rest assured. Check your privacy settings and delete anything potentially harmful to your career.

Partner with a Recruiter from a Top Notch Staffing Agency
Partnering with a top staffing agency in your local area is a wise decision when embarking on your first post-graduation job search. Global Personnel is just that kind of firm. As one of the top oil and gas industry staffing agencies in West Texas, they employ the knowledgeable recruiters sure to get your career off on the right foot. Be sure to schedule some time with us today!

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