Any industry thrives on robust leadership, and the world of oil and gas is no different. Successful leaders engender the vision and inspiration necessary for businesses to compete in this interconnected modern world. They are team builders; helping their staff accomplish more than they would have individually.

4 Mindsets of Leaders Proven to Make a Positive Difference at Their Organization

Accountability means the Buck stops Here
The ability to strive for responsibility and accountability is an important attribute that separates the leaders from the worker bees. If a true leader makes a promise to those working above or below them on an organizational chart, be sure that that promise will be followed through. Meaningful business change is derived by those leaders who don’t fear responsibility.

Generosity offers Mutual Support
Leaders understand that everyone in the organization is in this battle together. This kind of generous, mutual support is vital in building the necessary interpersonal relationships that allow teams and businesses to succeed and thrive. Bosses need to be generous — it’s good for business.

Vulnerability allows Risks to be Taken
Putting up emotional walls isn’t healthy for one’s personal life, nor is it healthy for business. Showing some vulnerability at times is vital to engender trust and understanding. This provides a healthy environment that encourages smart risk taking that the best companies are known for.

Honesty and Candor is always the Best Policy
Candor and honesty are important attributes for any manager or leader. They definitely play their role in how they relate to the other three mindsets listed above. Without honest and frank discussions with team members, the executive team, or even customers, any organization, or project for that matter, won’t be operating at their utmost efficiency.

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