No matter how old we get, summer temperatures seem to bring a “school’s out” feeling, especially after a long winter. Unfortunately, business must go on, no matter how tempting the summer breeze is. How can you keep your employees motivated and productive when temperatures climb?

11 Ways to Motivate Your Employees

  1. Keep the office as comfortable as possible. Cooler is likely better because it’s simple to keep a sweater or jacket at the office. If it gets stuffy or hot, people get sleepy and have trouble staying focused (and awake!).
  2. Offer some flexibility. If it’s in the cards, offer summer hours – whether that means closing early on Fridays, allowing employees to work four ten-hour days rather than five eight- hours or letting people come in early and leave early. If it works for your business, it’s a no-cost way to boost morale.
  3. Add some outdoor seating. If you have the space add a couple of benches or picnic tables where employees can eat lunch or take breaks. It can be a welcome bit of summer to people who are cooped up all day. They will return to their desks refreshed and more productive.  Consider a bike rack as well to encourage people to ride to work when the weather is nice.
  4. Try outdoor activities. Conduct some meetings outside. Bring a grill and have managers cook hot dogs for the employees. Take the afternoon off to go to a baseball game. These are great ways to spend some time outdoors and let your employees know you appreciate their efforts.
  5. Provide incentives. Create contests that encourage productivity by rewarding employees or departments who reach pre-determined metrics. Prizes can be as simple as ordering pizza for lunch or a week of dress-down days.
  6. Take a vacation. Let your people know that down-time is important and they won’t be afraid to take time off. The payoff for you is well-rested employees who are less likely to burn out.
  7. Cross-train. You may need people to fill in for time off, so take advantage of this time and help your people take on new challenges. Learning something fresh can help to keep them motivated.
  8. Shake up the dress code. Offer more casual days, even shorts if appropriate. It’s free and employees appreciate it.
  9. Bring in a food truck. Food trucks are everywhere these days and it’s a nice treat for employees during the summer months (an ice cream truck would also be fun).
  10. Allow working-from-home. Summer months can make it challenging for parents to balance work and home. And as long as you have a way to measure the productivity of remote workers, the ability to work outside on their patio is a perk that will be appreciated.
  11. Provide cooling products. Do you have outdoor workers? Bandannas and caps that cool by evaporation or can be chilled in a freezer will increase their comfort and productivity.

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