The oil and gas industry thrives on employees with the proper mix of skills — from the petroleum engineers finding the best places to drill to the fearless workers able to work their magic onsite in the oil fields. An aging workforce, previous downturns in the industry leading to a migration to other vocations, and the recent exponential growth in natural gas drilling using hydraulic fracturing technology have combined to create a notable skills gap in the world of oil and gas.

This need for skilled employees is acute. A recent survey by Schlumberger Business Consulting noted that nearly 22,000 scientists and engineers will leave their oil industry jobs before 2015. It is important for businesses involved in oil and gas to take steps to ensure their workforce has the skills to compete in the industry today.

New Graduates to help fill the Oil and Gas Skills Gap
New graduates can be expected to partially fill a skills gap, but there is little substitute for actual oil field experience. It is important that companies pair their fresh new recruits with experienced workers when onsite. A two-way knowledge transfer of new technologies and time-honed experiences can be shared between the workers.

Leveraging Training Programs is Smart
Oil and gas companies need to take advantage of any available training programs to bring their current workforce up to speed with new technologies related to the industry. Additionally, smart organizations can look for graduates with significant internships combined with their state of the art education. Any interns with actual onsite experience in an oil field are a plus.

Finally, working with a staffing firm in the oil and gas industry offers the opportunity for companies to gain access to temporary contract workers who are experienced in some of the new technologies in vogue. This is a good strategy for quickly closing any skills gap for an upcoming project, and allows for a trial period before potentially offering permanent employment to that temp worker.

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